Foldscope Team at Stanford Developing 50-Cent Origami Microscope

Foldscope in Uganda
Foldscope in Uganda. Photo by Foldscope Team.

Stanford professor Manu Prakash and his students have developed a microscope that can be punched out and folded together from a sheet of paper, origami-style, for a cost of 50 cents each, lenses and LED lights included.

Foldscope Captured Images
Foldscope Captured Images. Image by Foldscope Team.

The microscope was created to address the problem of diagnosing diseased such as malaria in the developing world. In many cases, a diagnosis must wait, simply because no microscope is available. Prakash’s research team is field testing thousands of microscopes to help with the problem, and contributing to hands-on science education along the way. Learn more at or watch the TED talk below.

Foldscope Brochure
Image by Foldscope Team.

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