This Photographer Finds Beauty in Ruins

A photographer known as Bullet captures stunning photographs of abandoned places.


David Bulit’s photographic explorations of abandoned sites in Florida and beyond can be found on Instagram.


His Abandoned Florida website has more photos, as well as documentation of Bullet’s explorations, and news about historic buildings slated for demolition, which may be useful to other urban adventurers.


Lost MiamiNow Bullet is releasing a book of his photographs, Lost Miami. The book is available for pre-order now, and promises to contain amazing photographs of the interiors of some of the city’s notable abandoned structures, such as the Coconut Grove Playhouse and the Miami Marine Stadium. Bullet also documents some of the little-known history behind the sites he photographs, from some of the first structures to rise out of the swamp, to CIA operations during the Cold War, to the 1980s, when drugs and violence left their mark on Miami.


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