Smartphone Microscope Product Reviews

If you don’t want to make your own DIY smartphone microscope, there are several inexpensive smartphone microscope attachments and related products available for purchase.

Neewer 60x and 60x-100x Magnifiers

Click here to read our full Comparison of the Neewer 60x Magnifier (Silver) and the Neewer 60x-100x Microscope Lens (Black).

Neewer 60x and 60x-100x

Glass Microscope Slides

Speaking of slides, you’re probably going to want some. Glass microscope slides are cheap. I got these from Amazon for $5.50 with free Prime delivery.

glass slides
Amazon link

If you want to be fancy, you could get a box like this to keep your slides in. Dexter, the fictional TV serial killer, kept blood slides from his victims in a box like this. It’s $7.28 with free Amazon Prime shipping.

slide box
Amazon link

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